Admission to Doctor Loisteen Archie School of Ministry is determined on an individual basis. The college is open to applicants without regard to race, religion, ethnic or national origin, creed, or sex. Applicants for admission must furnish evidence of good character, good health, acceptable preparation that translates into an ability to do college-level work. Doctor Loisteen Archie School of Ministry strives to provide a wholesome environment for its students conducive to the development of Christian character. The college urges parents and applicants to read the requirements for admissions and the regulations of the college. When applying, each student should be aware of the distinct purpose of Doctor Loisteen Archie School of Ministry and be willing to commit him or herself to upholding institutional values. Former students who plan to re-enroll in Doctor Loisteen Archie School of Ministry after an absence of one or more semesters should contact the Director of Admissions. For admission as a regular undergraduate student, an applicant must be a graduate of an accredited high school or have successfully completed the High School Level General Education Development Test (GED). High school graduates and GED students should present an official transcript showing completion of all required work.