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Welcome to the
Dr. Loisteen Archie School of Ministry

 Doctor Loisteen Archie School of Ministry is committed to excellence in Christian Education. Its primary role in the field of higher education is to offer a quality academic program in the context of commitment to moral and spiritual values. To this end, its curriculum is geared to the development of the ” whole person” of each of its students. It is the feeling of the Board of Trustees Administration, and faculty of DLA that such a  curriculum will give the student the necessary foundation on which to build for further advancement into their walk, their call, to make a lasting contribution to the church, society and religion society in which we lives.

DLA School of Ministry Programs

Our academic programs are committed to Biblical accuracy, Kingdom progression, and Spiritual empowerment. Our programs are the gateway to the next Level of Ministry. Each program is designed to meet each individual where they are in their journey to Divine Destiny.

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This program is designed for individuals not seeking a degree of higher learning.

Bachelor Programs

This program is designed for individuals who desire to utilize their education for further advancement.

Doctoral Programs

This program is designed for individuals who have walked in their calling and would like to express publicly beyond their mastery.


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DLA School of Ministry Programs

These programs are designed for individuals who desire to increase their knowledge in religion.

Master Programs

This program is designed for individuals who have a desire to go further and master the call into ministry.

Independent Study Programs

This programs is for individuals who want to direct their study freely.


Academics are priority at DLA School of Ministry. View our Catalog to find the program best for you.

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DLA School of Ministry purpose is to offer a holistic educational program that will motivate the student to value and achieve academic excellence within the context of commitment to moral and spiritual values: to assist students in making their transitions from high school to higher education on various levels; to assist students in preparation for varied vocations in life; to perpare furture leaders for their distinct communities and the world at large.

Our Academic Catalog

View our catalog to explore the endless possibilities of Growth.

Challenge your Mind !!!

We invite you to explore our exceptional school and dozens of highly regarded academic programs. Discuss with us about the one that you feel is apart of your calling. Find out why DLA’s certificate,  undergraduate and graduate programs are attracting more students than ever before to walk in their calling.

DLA School of Ministry Library

 DLA School of Ministry Library is full of the resources needed to assist with your educational progress.

Within our online library, you’ll find books, journals, magazines, microform, audiovisual materials, newspapers, and more. With the click on your computer, you can explore access the to peer reviews, scholarly journals and more. Need tutoring? Explore additional resources where you can meet with classmates in a group study area, or attend a presentation all from the comfort of your home.

What’s  Going On at DLA School of Ministry !

Your Year at a Glance……

Explore what’s going on at DLA for the 2022 – 2023 school Year.

Our upcoming events provide students with a well rounded educational experiences. Students will have the opportunity to apply the education they are receiving by adhering to the Great Commission.

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Need answers right away? Our FAQs page is one of the quickest ways to check for answer you seek.

Visit our FAQs page to view responses to some of the common questions we receive.

How do I find out if my class credits from another college will transfer to DLA School of Ministry ?

Call or email us at the Office of Academic Affairs.  They will be happy to assist.

I graduated from DLA School of Ministry, but unable to attend graduation. What is the process of receiving my degree in the mail ?

Call or email the Office of Academic Affairs. They will be happy to assist..

How do I request a copy of my transcript?

All transcripts can be requested via the registrar’s office by submitting a transcript request .

How can I verify if my application was successfully submitted?

After each site submission, a Thank You page should appear. The Admissions Office will also follow-up by one business day (or sooner) to also confirm receipt of your application package. You any technical issues with the site as needed.

What are the minimum English language proficiency requirements for new international students?

.Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 500 or completion of Level 5 of an English as a Second Language (ESL)program.

What steps do I have to take if I decide to change degree program?

Contact the registrar’s office to obtain steps to change your degree.